Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel Chino Hills, Ca

Old outdated flourescent lighting with wood and plastic lighting barsOur Acoustic Removal Experts team just completed a home improvement job in Chino Hills, Ca for a repeat client from 2 years ago. When they originally hired us for their kitchen and bathroom remodeling job, we started by removing the popcorn ceilings in their kitchen and their two bathrooms and then held off on removing their old fluorescent lightning and installing the recessed lighting till they could afford to finish the rest of the job. It is very common for our customers to break up their home improvement jobs to make it more affordable for them throughout the year and this is an ideal example.

So months after removing the old popcorn ceilings in their kitchen and two bathrooms, we came back and first worked on the kitchen. We removed their old outdated, fluorescent lighting and their old wood and plastic light bars you see in the picture to the left and then we installed recessed lighting as well as crown moulding into the recess to give it a richer appearance. Then we removed the fluorescent lighting in both of their bathrooms and installed the recessed lighting and crown moulding in those rooms too! Their updated home looks amazing!

Here is the kitchen remodel after we installed the crown moulding in the recess to give it a richer appearance.

Kitchen remodel Chino Hills

Bathroom remodel Chino Hills

We not only upgraded the look of their Chino Hills home, we made it more energy efficient and helped them save money on their electricity bill! All the lighting we installed is the new low energy LED lights.  They are now using less energy with ALL of the new lights than they were using before with their fluorescent lighting. We also installed dimmers in each room so they can adjust them for task lighting or tune them down for ambient lighting.

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