Renewing Homes by Improving Lighting

We received another 5-star review that our Acoustic Removal Experts team is thrilled about! We had a client come to us that was very unhappy with the old, outdated lighting in their home. I knew right away that installing recessed lighting would not only improve the look of the home, but it would give off the perfect amount of light and we could even accent certain areas of each room. When I talked to the client about my lighting recommendations, she was hesitant but agreed that if I was the expert, she trusted me. When we were finished removing her old, outdated lighting, installing the recessed lighting and re texturing and re painting the ceilings, she was so happy that she wrote this amazing review for us online!

“Thank you Acoustic Removal Experts! I hired Jason and his crew to remove the acoustic ceilings throughout my home and to install recessed lighting. The job ran perfectly smooth and finished on time just as we were promised. We are so happy with the new lighting. Our home was constructed with poor lighting and his recommendations were spot on. The new texture looks great and has a new modern look. Were are so glad we found your company and with be referring all our family and friends.” ~Quinn

If you are interested in hiring a home improvement company to remodel the ceilings and lighting in your home, call today! 866-981-3979


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