Now offering Epoxy Floor Coating Services!

Acoustic Removal Experts is now offering Epoxy flooring services for your garage floors! We have decided to add this epoxy flooring to our servcies because the quality of the epoxy finish has improved since the EPA reformulations.

We just finished installing an epoxy garage floor finsh in Riverside County in Corona, Ca for a client that wanted it done before he moved in to his new home. The epoxy floor coating finish chosen for this job in Corona, was a “tan” with flakes. The most popular epoxy flooring are tan and grey. When we perform this servcies, the Garage floors are first repaired of any holes or chips in the concrete.

Before adding epoxy flooring to the garage floor of this Riverside home.

Before adding epoxy flooring to the garage floor of this Riverside home.

We then acid wash the concrete to ensure adhesion of the epoxy coating. We then apply the coating and while wet, we disperse the flakes (optional). The following day we apply a epoxy clear coating. The finish coat can be walked on the following day and can be driven on in 3 days. It takes two days to complete the whole process.

After adding tan epoxy flooring with flakes to the garage floor in this corona home.

After adding tan epoxy flooring with flakes to the garage floor in this corona home.

If you are intersted in having Acoustic Removal Experts add epoxy flooring to your garage floors, call today! 866-981-3979

Close up shot of the tan epoxy flooring with flakes!


Commercial Exterior Painting Job in Corona

Commercial Exterior painting job 2

Bestway Laundry Solutions commercial building before exterior painting by Acoustic Removal Experts

Commercial Exterioro painting job

Bestway Laundry Solutions after being painted by Acoustic Removal Experts in Corona.

For about 5 days last week, Acoustic Removal Experts had been working on painting the exterior of this huge Commercial building for Bestway Laundry Solutions of Corona. They have been family owed and operated since 1964 and it had never been repainted since they bought the building. The owner of Bestway Laundry Solutions hired our Acoustic Removal Experts team to paint the exterior of their commercial building and they were very pleased with the job! As you can see from the pictures above, the building use to be a washed out brown color. We updated it by repainting the building a nice blue color, trimming it with black and added signage that really makes the building standout!  Their business has evolved and they now bring more clients into the building than they use to, so after consulting with Acoustic Removal Experts they felt that repainting the building would add street-appeal for their clients that visit. The Gold in their logo was added at the last minute and really helped the logo pop! Their 6 foot security rot iron face in front of the building was also painted black by Acoustic Removal Experts. This was all done in a 5 day period and Bestway Laundry Solutions was more than happy!

If you own a commercial building and would like to update it with either interior or exterior painting, call Acoustic Removal Experts today! 866-981-3979

Updating the look of your home with Crown Moulding!

The addition of crown molding to your home’s interior is a tasteful way to add visual interest as well as value. One of the many home improvement services that Acoustic Removal Experts provides in the installation of Crown Moulding. Crown Mouldings are one of the architectural features that can really add value to your home. They add a visual presence that can make a home feel more upscale. Done well, they instantly say this home is well-crafted and solid. Unless you are lucky enough to live in an older home beautifully appointed with lovely crown moldings, you may find yourself feeling like your home is lacking in architectural details that give it distinction. Since crown moulding goes hand in hand with the services that we provide like interior painting and installing recessed lighting, Acoustic Removal Experts has become a specialist in installing crown moulding. On many occasions, when we remove old popcorn ceilings and are re-texuring and painting the ceilings and walls, customers often realize that along with upgrading them home’s look, crown moulding would be a good option too. If you are interested in adding dimension to your home through crown moulding, call us today! 866-981-3979example of crown moulding in a beautiful home Crown-Molding-Installation1

Update the apprearance of your home with Recessed Lighting!

Are you looking for a new and inexpensive way to update the appearance of your home? Try replacing your existing lights with recessed lighting. Recessed lighting makes an excellent and versatile source of light for the bathroom, dining room, hallway, kitchen and more. On many occasions, Acoustic Removal Experts has been hired to install recessed lighting, also known as indoor ceiling lighting, into the ceilings of homes. It improves the lighting in the home and it looks very clean! You can use recessed lighting to highlight specific areas in a room or to accentuate decorative elements. Since the lights are hidden, the ceiling lines are not broken and your rooms feel more open and spacious. Installing recessed lighting requires knowledge of electrical wiring. If you are not comfortable performing electrical work, hire a licensed electrician like Acoustic Removal Experts today! Contact us at 866-981-3979

Recessed lighting installation LA After

On some occasions, we have even been hired to remove the popcorn ceilings, the old ceiling fans and then we re-textured the ceilings, painted and installed the recessed lighting, updating the look of the home at a very affordable cost. In other occasions, we have removed the old florescent lighting that use to be used in kitchens and then installed Recessed lighting. Not only updating the look of the kitchen, but also enhancing the lighting of the kitchen as well.