Acoustic Removal aka Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Acoustic removal step by stepOne of our most popular home improvement services is our acoustical removal also known as popcorn ceiling removal. There are many steps that we have to take to complete this service and insure that we leave your home looking better than it did before we got there! Even if you have vaulted ceilings, we can still remove the old outdated popcorn ceiling!

We remove the popcorn textured ceiling in a few steps…we prepare the room, wet the ceiling, scrape the “popcorn” material off the ceiling- leaving it ready to be painted or textured in any way you desire. We remove all furniture and light fixtures. We cover the floor with heavy duty plastic sheeting, extending it up the walls a foot or so. Then, we run painter’s tape along the upper edge of the walls then cover the entire wall with plastic sheeting, taping the top edge to the tape already there.  We wet the ceiling, being careful not to over-wet it. Then we start scraping off the popcorn ceiling. When all of the popcorn material has been scraped off, we take down plastic sheeting from the walls, roll up wet paper and plastic on the floor and place it all into a large garbage bag. We then resurface all of the joints using joint compound and tape. We also fill any eroded nail holes to insure your ceiling is smooth and can be textured. We then prime and paint the ceiling to your standards.

If you would like to update the look of your home and have your acoustic ceilings/popcorn ceilings removed, call Acoustic Removal Experts today for an estimate! Installing recessed lighting often goes hand in hand with removing popcorn ceilings so let us know if you’d like use to add recessed lighting as well! Contact Acoustic Removal Experts today! 866-981-3979

Before and After Acoustic Removal and installed recessed lighting


Exterior Painting by Acoustic Removal Experts

Acoustic Removal Experts while painting the exterior of this two story home in Placentia

Acoustic Removal Experts while painting the exterior of this two story home in Placentia

This is the after picture of our completed exterior painting job on this beautiful 2 story home in Placentia, ca.

This is the after picture of our completed exterior painting job on this beautiful 2 story home in Placentia, ca.

No exterior painting job is too big for Acoustic Removal Experts! Although we are based in Riverside County in the city of Corona, we are constantly on the move offering our many services to homes across the Inland Empire, Orange County and San Gabriel Valley. These pictures display a 2-story home we painted in Placentia, ca. Our licensed general contractors take great pride in exterior painting jobs and we work as fast as we can to insure you have your home as beautiful as it can be as fast as possible. We are always professionals at interior painting even if you have vaulted ceilings. If you have a two story home and need to have the exterior or interior painted or updated, call Acoustic Removal Experts today! 866-981-3979

Acoustic Removal experts also offer other home improvement services like popcorn ceiling removal, crown moulding and recessed lighting.

Exterior Painting job in Fullerton, ca

Acoustic Removal experts finished this exterior painting job in Janurary on this single story home in Fullerton.

Acoustic Removal experts finished this exterior painting job in Janurary on this single story home in Fullerton.

After Exterior painting side of house by Acoustic Removal experts

Our Acoustic Removal Team is constantly on the move all over the place! In January, we had a few exterior painting jobs that I got some pictures of while we were painting and then after we were painting. This single-story home is Fullerton, ca is only one of many we have painted in this 3 block neighborhood! The referrals just keep on coming and I know most of the neighbors! To me, these referrals speak volumes about our (Acoustic Removal Experts) hard work, professionalism, affordability and great results! If you need a company to paint the interior or exterior of your home, call us today! 866-981-3979

We also offer many other services including popcorn ceiling removal, recessed lighting, crown moulding and more!

Review for crown moulding, interior painting & popcorn ceiling removal in Orange

This review was written by a lovely client based in Orange County after we removed her popcorn ceilings, re textured the ceiling, painted the interior of her home and then added base and door mouldings…

“The crown molding  Acoustic Removal Experts installed really dressed up my older home.  I had them remove my ugly popcorn ceilings, paint my interior and install new base and door moldings.  They left my home clean and looking brand new.  I definitely would recommend  Acoustic Removal Experts to anyone.” 

~Written by Leah and Jim from Orange, CA

Review for upgraded recessed lighting

This review was written by a lovely client that hired us to remove her old florescent lighting in the kitchen and replace it with LED recessed lighting that would save her energy and would lower her electricity bill.

“I just had Acoustic Removal Experts upgrade the lighting of my home with LED recessed lighting.  Jason explained the differences in lighting options and I decided to use the LED type throughout my home.  My power bill has dropped even though I have replaced and added lights in every room in my home.  Amazing!”

~Written by Judy located in Riverside, CA

Reveiw for Recessed lighting, popcorn ceiling removal and textured ceiling!

“All I can say is wow!  Jason, the owner of Acoustic Removal Experts, helped me with recessed lighting design and layout and I couldn’t be happier with the results! Why did I wait so long to have this done?  The acoustic ceiling removal and the texture look great and the new lighting in my home is fantastic!”

~Written by Theresa & Gary –  from Fountain Valley, CA

Review from a Property Management Company

We received this review/testimonial from a client that owns a property management company. Acoustic Removal Experts is now their go-to company for all of their home improvement needs! This review was written right after we removed the popcorn ceilings, added recessed lighting to the ceilings and then painted the interior of one of the houses…

“We are so happy now to be working with Acoustic Removal Experts.  We are in property management and really depend on having a quality job done for our clients.  They were fast and very clean.  The tenants even commented on how friendly the workers were.  I look forward to a long working relationship with Jason and his crew.”

~Written by Bob from Fullerton, Ca.